The Path? Choices !

The ultimate path we all take

lies chiefly in our hands.

Choices are free moral

agencies. We are the

conductors of our lives. The

way of truth always goes

against the norm. We are a

reflection of the seeds that

grow internally. Out of the

hearts the mind speaks.

There is a reward for those

who keep their head up and

keep pressing the battle to

reach the prize. Lay your

treasures in heavenly places.

Heaven and places above

possess an eternal safe

haven to store precious


“Where your heart is there will your treasures be.” !!



“Change is Constant”

The walk we take sometimes

exposes discovery. Exposure

enlightens change that we

naturally avoid. We tend to

shy away from transitions.

Transitions are contradictory

to our nature. We love the

easy things, we want

something less demanding,

we don’t want to exhaust

our efforts. I will unveil one

thing that will irradiate


Dwell on this thought.

” If something doesn’t

challenge you, complacency

sets in and you settle for the

bread crumbs.”

The only way you will attain

the loaf of bread is to dig

deep and step out on a limb

and find resistance, the

resistance will propel you to

higher dimensions.

💯 Believe in Yourself ! 💯


Take it one stride at a time, the good and bad moments will pass, but never give up, focus on the challenges ahead there is an internal evolution in a reactionary way to the demands that are birthed through the opportunity you have been given.

Now, in truth we are all limited resources, seek opportunities wisely. Growth requires ambidextrous displays of ideas and visions: derived from internal and external extremities.

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