” New Seasons “


The season is now proclaim it, believe it, accept it, walk into it. Step out and bring forth that seed of light and expose it to the world. Let your light and gift shine to the world. Give all the glory to God almighty.

-Amos Mukendi

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” New Year’s Resolutions “




Commit and Apply in 2019.

Have a transformation not just a resolution. Many people boast and make so many resolutions year after year, but they lack the power of transformation to apply their commitment.

Resolution and goals are things you continually renew and make alive over and over again. You can even shift from stale dreams to something new. You hold the keys to your destiny in your hands. The keys can either lock or bind your potentials. Bring your gifts to life, stop burying and killing your gifts by withholding what you have in your heart. The world needs your gift. Share it with others and see the success it brings.

There is a difference between resolutions, reformation, and transformation.

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” Gotta Have The Real Thing. “

The real thing never

disappoints you because it is

original. When we try to

manufacture or organize

something it becomes

hybridized. The moment we

realize that before there was

a bogus of anything, there

was always the real thing:

we will be better off at

making solid conscious


Fake material present

themselves as the real stuff.

We must realize false

evidence appearing real to

conquer our doubts. Life is

all about living, caring,

lessons, learning, thriving,

developing, growing and

becoming successful in

whatever you do and

walking in the calling of your

heart. Learn to detect the

disguises that present

themselves to you.

There’s more to all of us, than that which meets the eye.”

” YOU “

Just Remember that quote

enough said. We are all

expendable. Create your

path that leads to freedom.

Life is a game of chances and

you sometimes have to take

a leap of faith to venture

into unfamiliar territory.

We live, we learn, but never

get comfortable in life.

Always strive for the best.


” Control Your Destiny “

You have got to make up your mind and:keep fighting, keep standing, keep striving, keep moving, keep hustling, keep learning, keep educating, keep pressing, keep trusting, keep elevating, keep battling, keep believing, stay strong, never give in, be bold, take your dreams by force, accomplish results, live life, be brave, never quit, never give up, realize your potential, act on your instincts, be ambitious, relentlessly pursue your success. Nothing can hinder your success but you. Conquer yourself and move into action. Put on your crown.

“Your word is your bond”

-Amos Mukendi


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” Interactions “

When you realize everyone you meet is the contributing to the development of your masterpiece. Whether good or bad comes out of our interactions: you either learn, grow, or it simply mold your character. The ingredients and results produce a striking beauty.

“The crossroads of life sometimes / often lead to adventurous destinations.” -Amos Mukendi

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Credits: Dr. Perry PhD.