“False Conceptions”

“Going against the grain of normal human conception seems so foreign to the finite mind.

Sometimes and oftentimes false teachings from the days of youth pervade our minds with deep saturation. Our little shells and bubbles allow pretense thoughts to aid our philosophy, while we are clearly avoiding or wrapping our minds around this simple fact. These conceptions proceed with tenacity and transform deep inception: these conceptions create inceptions of disillusions within our anatomy.  We were always taught with the seed of deprivation of can’t, do’s and don’t. As a little child you hear: do not do this, don’t do that, you can’t do this, this is dangerous, this will hurt you, stop doing that. Words trigger impulses and lessons of childhood are great and they are vital keys to our fabric. Lessons play a big role in our life, they are the building blocks of the foundations of our life. Nevertheless, these can’t words can become a canticle that continues to play a symphony within our mind as we grow throughout adulthood and life. Artificial melodies in the mind, don’t produce actual music. We are in an orchestra of our life, the music we play is controlled by us. The instruments that make music of life lies within us but it is up to us to release the strength within to create our wonderful melody.

It seems like our minds were infected by a virus of suppression. Often times we created fear in our mind, conceptions that do not exist. Failure is a non-existent conception,  I choose to believe everything is tangible and achievable despite the odds.  Anytime we approach difficulty or something foreign we automatically say I can’t do it. Why? Our surroundings have been corrupted we diminish ourselves, because we can’t clean that virus in our mind. We need to clean house, and start a fresh, refocus the lens to see a new image of you. Life is such a precious thing, we owe it to ourselves to enjoy it to the fullest. Stand against the norm and create the beauty you would like to see.

Normalcy is expected by everyone, but when you go against the grain, you are labeled as a crazy person.  Be you, and stand by your calling. There are no set orders for life, everyone’s journey and path leads somewhere. Don’t pattern or compare your life to others, you are special. Sometimes expectations people create of you cannot be met. You can not make everyone happy. Even if you bury some people in a golden casket they still will not be satisfied. “Live your life, live it well.” Our minute mind can or can’t comprehend so much at times, but it can also develop so much, we must never fail to feed the mind ingredients to excel in life. Don’t fit in, find your own perfect fit. Stand for what you believe in, you are the salt of the earth. You have a savor, be real, be unique, and be unapologetically you. With a tenacious stronghold grab your dreams and enjoy the journey that will lead to a beautiful destination. Grit, guts, and glory will bring you there.

Remember you become what you eat. Positivity, creativity, ingenuity, dreams, goals, accomplishments, all fill our mind if we are eating that type of food. Feed on the deeds that produce real outcomes. Impossibilities become visibilities when one finds a way to remove the boxes that surround their cubicle. Limits are conceptions, that cloud our mind creates as well as well as stereotype due to the fact of the word can’t. Remove the red tape of fear, that stops you, there is a reward for risk, be vigilant and wise. I understand we need to caress the eggs in our baskets sometimes, we don’t want to lose all our eggs, but sometimes you need to sparingly cast one egg into the risk basket and see what it produces.

Let’s stir up our mind, by elevating the gifts in our life to the surface, gifts that have been dormant for too long, it’s time to take a journey that evades false conceptions, by implementing actual steps that pave a way to ideas that innovate new dimensions of inventions to the world. Your gift is vital to this world, it can be produced, you just need to water the seed so it can be fruitful and multiply.

-Amos Mukendi

Quote: “The gift is not something we learned. It is something God gave us. It is something we need to discover and then stir up. No one else can activate your gift for you. You have to do it yourself.”Dr. Myles Munroe 



“The Garden of Love”

Love the four letter word that changes life, it brings aroma and electrifies romance. The Garden of love is filled with: romance, flowers that blossom, thorns, sweetness, sunflowers, bitterness. Love is a big thing it is labeled; with hurt, pain, separation, communion, beauty, there are all sorts of stains that surround the word love. Love is the key ingredient that people long for in every human relationship. Genuine affection is the feature that makes laughter live long, with aspirations of emotions that bond and weld our hearts with companionship. This in turn embellishes relationships that sparks the light up to keep the stars of love glowing. The fire of love keeps on burning intensely like wildfire.

Gardens of love come in all types of shapes and forms. Love is derived from a global climate, it is the same language despite longitudes and latitudes that separates the maps of this world. The longing in our heart is what? We all long for human connection. Love is inspiring and is awakened by a kiss, hug, care, love is everlasting. Real love is; unexplainable, unbroken, genuine, love is a circle, love is forever, love is virtue, love stands the test of time. There are vast explanations of the unique word of love. You can’t see or smell love but it is real, you feel love, but actions speak louder; actions are used to weigh the scale of love.  Love is beauty

Love is the greatest force placed in the hands of humankind. The storms of life bring out true natures of love that reflect vibrantly into the garden of love. Love is boundless with selfless characters. Love seeks no disassembly, it joins spectrums of colors together. The paths through the garden of love are also filled with rain, spring, fall, and winter days. All seasons fluctuate  through the foliage’s in this love garden. The storms of life make love concrete in the roots of shaky sands. The passion pruned from stormy elements glue cohesion in connection. Love is a potion of healing bruises that are broken. Connections stand tall despite differences that stand within the great divide.

Love, Life, Laughter can give light to the shells of love. Love will be exposed and evaporate to the cream of the crop ( la crème de la crème). Unveil beauty and enjoy the fruits that are produced when the right soil is nourished with waters of light from the sun rays. Love is intimate, love is a diamond, love is a ruby, love is an emerald stone. Love ignites on all stages of life: from childhood, teenage years, adulthood, and the senior stage. Love is a building that stands tall with the ingredients that are created within its framework. Fill your love box with herbal petals that heal and repel thorns of pain. Experience amazing love with colors of your love garden keep the soil tender.


Love begins from the runway of the wedding aisle to the decorative setting that produces  union. The branches of love come from the segments of the main tree that begin this love story. Love stories grow and  more extensions are produced over generations to come.

       – Amos Mukendi


Morning Dew


Lights of Diversity

Liberty gives us choice, and choice gives us freedom. The awareness of diversity and multi-dimensional aspects of vulnerabilities is so powerful it opens the perspective of cultures in a different light.  Diversity comes in multiple shades of colors. Caucasian, Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Asia, African, American, Australian etc…. These shades have characters of reflections. Differences are within the scope of diversity.

The barriers are the glue that bond separations due to fear of thee unknown.  Prejudice judgements, ignorance, stereotypes, personal biases, are the formulas creating an uneasy environment of interaction. The light can come in and rejuvenate, a renewing and the birth of greater awareness towards any diversity. Honest self-examination portrays healthy association with  all creatures of mankind. Severance of equality or personal interactions support no edification to : unity, love, peace,  or joy.

We must utilize the tools we have supplied to our human elements. Subjecting  our human minds we can enter the framework of indulgence and attain potent dignity to collaborate with individual stipulations to break free of the association that labels the global world. Approaching diversity head on, with the intent to be studious learners of the various lights of diversity, which create spectrums of primary, secondary, or tertiary colors. Mixing warm, cool, and shades of color resembles identities that blend together in symmetry of harmony.


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“Making A Difference”

Living to be the difference. It’s absolutely amazing when you love to help and inspire others, even in a world surrounded by self-centeredness I help others. You leave a legacy that dashes and flashes through people’s minds. People don’t realize you will never see a uhaul pull behind a hearse.  You can’t take anything from this world when you die. All we take when we go six feet under is character and what you have in your soul. I don’t care what status you hold in life as far as wealth, possessions, materials, riches, beauty, etc… they all fade away and decay. However,  love which is God; it is eternal it has no ending, it’s infinite with no beginning. From infinity to infinity and beyond. Striving to make the world a better place by creating change for the good. I am currently writing a book and I pray to God that my book will enlighten this world and shine for ages, it will be absolutely extravagant with electric vibrations and radiations. I want to shake myself and those around me. Continue to guide me in prayer as I strive to accomplish this wonderful book that will change the lives of people. We all have a story and we need to share it. Inspiration transcends into elevation to a new world. We all like to shine in the lime lights in public and only show our top highlights. We glow when the light switch is on, but there are also lowlights in life, that’s when there is no spark, people usually never see or hear about life when the light switch is off.. Nobody wants to show when they are down and out, everybody wants the glamour, fame, popularity, but everything is not easy peasy all the time. 

 “Remember Hollywood Shines, But The Gospel Glows” 

Amos Mukendi 

Aroma of Life

The day starts, it brings aroma , shadows of aroma with great delightfulness, A fragrance of peace, love, joy ,Scents of an air so calm, with the breeze in the trees of colors.

The fragrance arouses through the day A week filled with bliss of sunny days However the rainy season is soon approaching, like a fast wind do you capture the essence of the present moment so that you catch every glimpse of sunlight before the rain.

You grinch at the fact the sun will soon dissipate in the clouds, but the seasons will past they never last for long, but the feelings of stormy days are electrifying enlightening the unpredictable times of the moments ahead.

You know you must stand the rain, lighting, and thunder in order to see and feel the colorful rainbow exposing vibrant colors, take a moment, pause and let the rhythm of mother nature pass, there shall be light again in the evening time, springs brings beautiful flowers of colors, which will soon blossom to restore glorious aroma of the beauty of life.

-Amos Mukendi

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Freedom of speech.  (Media Ethics) ,🎙🎤🔊

Freedom of speech potentially violates one’s legal rights to privacy, once information is transmitted across different longitudes, wavelengths, world wide web (WWW), and lines of social media. The human mind has 70000 thoughts floating through the mind every day, it can fluctuate up and down based on a single individual. A thought is a word expressed. As the social media ethics book has disclosed we are assigned an IP address. I have found with disclosing with internet providers that we do not only have a Public IP address, but we also have a Private IP address which follows you everywhere in the world you go, it is linked to your identity. As the Media ethics book discloses once something is online it is not retractable. It explains the following: We all know, of course, that someone with specialized software and hardware tools (such as a hacker and\or government agency “sniffing” for information) may look into your email. We have a couple of shades that cover the true freedom of speech factors. 
We have limited freedom of speech, in society, it is not fully okay to express everything we want. In such a sensitive world, you can be offensive if you just breathe. Freedom of speech in the mass media or audience can be classified in different formats based on culture, global standards, ethnic groups, backgrounds, continents, or countries. The discussion cannot only be set in standard in a particular nation. The social and private world has come a long way, in times past all around the world. In times past, you could not express any voiced opinions in any way, the democracy was not effective, leadership ruled by a dictatorship. It is much convenient today to be able to at least voice opinions. However, there are still some nations/countries where you cannot voice your opinion today. I could go on and on about social agendas, but when somethings are disclosed or shared online in whatever platform or format of communication: it is prone to come out or be revealed to the public. We have the risk of hackers, web terrorist, hijackers of email, etc… We must accept the unpredictable risk of online propaganda which is associated with unlimited scenarios which are not private in any way. Once you reveal something online it fully has the potential of no privacy. 

Invasion of privacy can be hackers of emails, stoker of personal or private accounts, virus infections to intrude accounts of any personal, sharing IP addresses or allowing someone to invade your  WiFi connections with permission. Using hardware, flash drives, software’s or hard drives to ruin or infect someone’s accounts in a means to attain personal information, or hacking bank accounts can also distort multiple layers or privacy. The WWW, social media, emails, or apps all these things are quite vulnerable to all scopes of invasion, and things travel so fast in the world we live in, we must be aware of the information we share to all our personal/private networks, shared networks, or public networks. Privacy online is a world of the unknown, we really cannot put a fine line or pinpoint where security lies with sources of internet domestically or globally. 


Charles Ess. (2014). Digital Media Ethics (Digital Media and Society Series), MA, Cambridge UK. Polity Press


Cloaked in robes of humility to gain the crown. Humility is greatness, it is a hard trait to acquire. Those who appreciate life, know how humble this experience could be. Everyday we cloak any human element in life, we open the world of possibilities, and unpredictable actions.

-Amos Mukendi

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