Fibers Of A New World🗺

The needle pulls the thread 📍

-Yoruba Proverb

When we make strides in life we face obstacles and challenges. There are times when that which is most familiar to us will present the most challenging opposition–our family.

If our life moved away from what is familiar to our family, they become frightened we will leave them. They may use their fears and concerns as a reason not to support us.

They may not understand why we cannot do things the way they’ve always been done. The way they are comfortable with doing things.

We want ourfamily to support and encourage our dreams, but if they don’t, it is okay. Sometimes we must step out alone, make a new way, start the path others will follow. Our job is to let our families know we love them, keep them as informed as they care to be; when possible, we should invite them to join us in the process.

However, if they choose to stay on the same old beaten path, there is no obligation to march with them. I am weaving the fibers of a new world.

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Credit: “Acts of Faith”- by Iyanla Vanzant


“Your Destiny”

Enter into the open doors of success, give back, and be the change you seek in this world.

Never give in or give up, you are an inspiration and an influence to somebody on this earth.

Believe in the impossible, dare to dream, and walk into your destiny.

The journey of life comes to a final destination. You create your destiny and it comes to fruition by your choices, decisions, and actions.

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The Measure of Love ❤

Love is the essence of our being. Is there a measure to love. Does love have a gauge or thermometer?

I will just write a short expose on the most talked about topic in the entire world. There has been many studies, articles, and books on love, relationship, marriage, divorce etc…, than anything else Why? 🤔

Here is my little disclosure and disclaimer on love. I will also provide a link for resources on the love topic.


Love is true, amazing, thrilling, ecstatic, pure, but the world, hollywood, and modern tradition have disfigured the true meaning of love by substitution of fantasies. These substitutions have distorted our mind and our intellect, by allowing false love to invade our society like a virus. A virus that is corrupting this generation like a wildfire. Where has the true, authentic, and genuine love vanished to. Believe it or not real true love is still here and available for all. We just have to gain a heavenly insight into the beauty of true love and it will captivate/capture our lives eternally.

1. My dad had a wooden plaque displayed at home while growing up and it reads like this: ” The Measure Of Love Is To Love Without Measure”. That plaque always spoke to my heart as I would occasionally take a peak at it across the living room, the volume of love is unbelievable. Love cannot be weighted on any scale, love is complete in itself, the meaning of love speaks to love- an intense feeling or deep affection.

Love comes in a variety of colors, love carries a wide range of complexities. Love is colorful, every human being longs for connection, appreciation, acknowledgement, acceptance. We are all in the same boat: regarding the longing of love in our heart. Love speaks the same language in every culture and demographics.

The greatest force there is, is love. Love covers a multitude sin of the bible says. If you can read 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 in the bible , it will do you some good and you can make a difference in your world, community, society. We all need a lot more positivity in this negative world we live in. The world feeds off negativity, how about we provide a little positivity for a change.

Being vulnerable is love, opening up and communicating is love, sacrificing your desires for the benefit of someone else is love, selfless love is the key that drives connection. Love demands a sacrifice, it is seeing the ugly side of someone and still choosing to love unconditionally. Unconditional love never stops, never gives up, never settles, and it is relentless.

I know this sounds foreign to our society, but God is love he is the creator of love, he showed love by redeeming us through Jesus Christ. We all have a belief we stand for and stand on, you have to stand for something or you will fall for anything. However, there is only one truth, that’s a story for another day. Despite that there is one thing I have found that is common and standard in all religions, and that is the golden rule: “Do unto others what you want them to do to you.” The golden rule is essential to love and it is the most common moral ethics we share globally. We all have a way we long to be loved, and we have our individual love languages, but there is a starting base for any type of love you long for.

The ingredients to the base of love is: acceptance, appreciation, connection, communication, understanding acknowledgement. The little things make the big things. Big things are always combined from little nuggets of action, that captivate the heart.

True love is not how you start it, or when you start, but it is enduring love that counts, a love that can endure through transitions, trials, valleys, mountains, corners, unexpected situations, real love is hard and perserverant, nothing is easy when it comes to sacrificial love, it must be commitment to a cause, a commitment of words and deeds. Your actions hold a lot more weight, than your words, just sharing a gem and extra nutshell to the love culture. The essence of love must endure tests in order for the fragrance of beauty to shine. The glow and fire of love must keep burning within for love to spread.

I could say a lot more, but I rest my case, it would take an eternity to explain God’s’s love, human love, friendship love, brotherly love, sister love, relationship love, family love etc.

“There Are Many Shades Of Love”

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Have A Plan For All Things

Life has goals, dreams, visions, but all these things are accomplished with a plan.

Sitting dormant in comfortability does not bring about success. Success is work applied, reinvent new plan if old plans don’t work.

When you tell your mind who you are it believes you. Sometimes we need to get rid of old dreams and dream new ones, other times we just need to adjust the plans we have to reach the peak of our success.

We all go through rough waves, patches, roads, let’s get out of the slum and rise to the occasion and grab possession of our individual success.

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“Carpe Diem”

To embrace every moment with enlightenment, is a passion that we all can feed of in our daily lives.

Seeking instant gratification will not always fill our void or longings.

Enjoy the moments that come by don’t let life pass you by.

“Capture the moments of Life”🌍🌐🗺

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“Eclipses Of The Horizon”

Illuminate shadows of light, in the midst of the darkest hour. The mystery of the darkest hour is that it is just before dawn.

The horizon rises and it clashes through the barriers of darkness, causing the light to illuminates so bright and ecstatically. 💡

In the midst of your darkest hour, let the light of beauty unveil. Colorful days can be attained, even though the shadows of darkness linger around.

The sun shines, even when the clouds are so surreal, the clouds can cover the sun, but it continues to shine light.

Let the light shine down in you, so that it can illuminate your atmosphere: keep shining/ glowing. Success is a door you have the keys to open that door despite the elements that surround you.

Acquire tenacity