Freedom of speech.  (Media Ethics) ,🎙🎤🔊

Freedom of speech potentially violates one’s legal rights to privacy, once information is transmitted across different longitudes, wavelengths, world wide web (WWW), and lines of social media. The human mind has 70000 thoughts floating through the mind every day, it can fluctuate up and down based on a single individual. A thought is a word expressed. As the social media ethics book has disclosed we are assigned an IP address. I have found with disclosing with internet providers that we do not only have a Public IP address, but we also have a Private IP address which follows you everywhere in the world you go, it is linked to your identity. As the Media ethics book discloses once something is online it is not retractable. It explains the following: We all know, of course, that someone with specialized software and hardware tools (such as a hacker and\or government agency “sniffing” for information) may look into your email. We have a couple of shades that cover the true freedom of speech factors. 
We have limited freedom of speech, in society, it is not fully okay to express everything we want. In such a sensitive world, you can be offensive if you just breathe. Freedom of speech in the mass media or audience can be classified in different formats based on culture, global standards, ethnic groups, backgrounds, continents, or countries. The discussion cannot only be set in standard in a particular nation. The social and private world has come a long way, in times past all around the world. In times past, you could not express any voiced opinions in any way, the democracy was not effective, leadership ruled by a dictatorship. It is much convenient today to be able to at least voice opinions. However, there are still some nations/countries where you cannot voice your opinion today. I could go on and on about social agendas, but when somethings are disclosed or shared online in whatever platform or format of communication: it is prone to come out or be revealed to the public. We have the risk of hackers, web terrorist, hijackers of email, etc… We must accept the unpredictable risk of online propaganda which is associated with unlimited scenarios which are not private in any way. Once you reveal something online it fully has the potential of no privacy. 

Invasion of privacy can be hackers of emails, stoker of personal or private accounts, virus infections to intrude accounts of any personal, sharing IP addresses or allowing someone to invade your  WiFi connections with permission. Using hardware, flash drives, software’s or hard drives to ruin or infect someone’s accounts in a means to attain personal information, or hacking bank accounts can also distort multiple layers or privacy. The WWW, social media, emails, or apps all these things are quite vulnerable to all scopes of invasion, and things travel so fast in the world we live in, we must be aware of the information we share to all our personal/private networks, shared networks, or public networks. Privacy online is a world of the unknown, we really cannot put a fine line or pinpoint where security lies with sources of internet domestically or globally. 


Charles Ess. (2014). Digital Media Ethics (Digital Media and Society Series), MA, Cambridge UK. Polity Press



Cloaked in robes of humility to gain the crown. Humility is greatness, it is a hard trait to acquire. Those who appreciate life, know how humble this experience could be. Everyday we cloak any human element in life, we open the world of possibilities, and unpredictable actions.

-Amos Mukendi

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Cohesiveness Structure 

The building of any empire great, big, or small, are associated with individuals who come together regardless of: complexes, backgrounds, stereotypes, egos, cultures, ethnicity, continent, emotions, age, color, gender etc….. Cohesiveness is a structure of conflicts that are embellished within the element of teamwork.
 “Teamwork makes the dream work” is a very powerful quote/cliché to expose the results that are required for any organization, affliation, entity, education forum, team, or companies to succeed. With everyone leaning in to achieve dreams on an ulimited platform, the global world would be a better place. This will in turn allow us to move in direction for solutions to problems that have haunted and plagued society. We can spread the virus of positivity, that will fuel positive and active results.

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New blogger

Entering into the life  and world of bloggers is a new experience. Life is beautiful and surrounded by multiple dimensions of complex ideas. The founder of blogs deserves credit for a dialogue that opens up the vast wordly element of writing. I’m glad to be a new novice to join all levels of bloggers, I want to learn and also appreciate all the works of those who are of the WordPress society. Let me dive in and discover all that awaits me in this new adventure. I strive to shed light on multicultural, demographical and modern events of change in the global world. Globalization is expanding and constantly unfolding and it takes an eye to view and open the doors to the enclosed sections of the invisible world. Exposure to topics of criticial matters that change life, society, environment, careers. In the midst of all the conflicts around the world there is always someone seeking to make a difference for a cohesive world. You can only do your best and the rest takes care of itself. You can’t change all things but you can be the difference. Talking and writing about general issues faced by every culture, background, ethnic group, nation, will place a common understaning of the facets that all humankind face on earth.

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