“Living the best day of your life requires “actions”

Eliminate stagnate thinking

and start tapping into the

potential that you have not

realized you have.

There are so many seeds of

success and fruitful roots

lying within you.


Your Purpose 🤔

Life’s purpose is the search everyonealways dwells on. The search for purpose can take decades to realize for some people.

Transitions never seems to

end from one thing to thee

other. Stability is hard to

find as well. The best source

I have found to channel

your vision and life through

is the creator of the


He has a seed within that is

ready to burst wide open

with explosive particles of


You have to channel your

vision and insight on the

north star. The seed that is

laying dormant, must come

to light, but you have to

water that seed day in and

day out for the ripening

season to take place.

You certainly have all the

tools within the creation

compartment that lies in

your heart. You just have to

step out with boldness and

take the reigns of your

dream and vision. Nothing

ever produces or grows in

the comfort zone, that is a

fact of life.

“Accept All Challenges and Persevere.”


There are multiple resistances to ladder of success, that are so prevalent amongst all human being.

There is a fear factor, fear brings you to a dead end sometimes, and you lose sight of the shore.

When resistance increases, that is the best time to gain sight, and sharpen your tools so you can regain focus on your vision that is about to erupt.

Electrifying explosions and flashes are going to burst forth like spring on the winter blues. When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.

The light at the end of the tunnel will show up to bring sunshine in the stormy night. Fear is just another element that presents road blocks to your path of success.

There are always a detour on the roads paved before us. Find a way of escape and stay focused on your final prize.

Look at fear with a new twist, you ultimately have the choice of your own definition for fear, but my new presentation of fear should spark and ignite a dynamic flame that revolutionizes your world.

Enjoy!! ⬇

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“Lessons of Life”

The picture speaks for itself. It vindicates the lessons we learn in live. Life is full of surprises and not everything is perfect, but we learn the ultimate lessons through the walks, paths, and transitions of life.

There are no permanent paradises on earth. You can make an imprint on earth with every footstep you take, or you can just exist on earth and wander through life unscaved of the scars that produce a craft of beauty.

Everything happens for a reason always look on the bright side of life. Live life to the fullest extent with a relentless force.

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