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” Responsibility “

Truth is Responsibility

” Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off. ” – Colin Powell

Good leadership involves

responsibility to the welfare

of the group, which means

that some people will get

angry at your actions and

decisions. It’s inevitable if

you’re honorable. Trying to

get everyone to like you is a

sign of mediocrity: You’ll

avoid the tough decisions,

you’ll avoid confronting the

people who need to be

confronted, and you’ll avoid

offering differential rewards

based on differential

performance because some

people might get upset.

Ironically, by procrastinating

on the difficult choices, by

trying not to get anyone mad,

and by treating everyone

equally “nicely” regardless of

their contributions, you’ll

simply ensure that the only

people you’ll wind up

angering are the most

creative and productive

people in the organization.

Words @Colin Powell


” Be responsible in: life and liberty, family, work, career, beliefs, your values, your visions, your goals etc… ” – Amos Mukendi

21 Difficult Lessons !

Introduction :

” Powerful insights, some of these lessons can be taken with a grain of salt. All these lessons will create personal opinions, but they are quite true to a high limit. They speak truth and reality in life. ” – Amos Mukendi

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Justin Brown

January 11, 2019

21 difficult lessons you need to learn before you turn 30

They say life is your greatest teacher. I’ve learned these lessons the hard way.

I’m now well into my 30s, and wish I had have known how important these life lessons are.

If you’re younger than 30, please consider each and every lesson I’m sharing with you here. If you’re older than 30 and haven’t learned some of these lessons yet, the time to embrace them is now.

Let’s begin.

21. Nobody will help you.Ultimately, you need to take responsibility for your own life. It all comes down to you. You have to help yourself.

20. You can’t do everything. You feel limitless potential. It’s a good feeling. But you do have limitations. Focus on one thing at a time.

19. Your failures don’t actually matter. People aren’t so quick to forget the failures, so put yourself on the line. It’s the wins that count, and the quicker you fail, the sooner you’ll start winning.

18. You need to exercise regularly. Take care of your health and body. It probably works pretty well now. But when you get older, you’ll be happy for having integrated the habit of exercising regularly.

17. Success comes down to perseverance. Don’t give up. Your dreams are important. It’s difficult chasing them, but it’s worth the struggle.

16. Later means never. If you start to postpone things you need to do, you’ll end up not doing them.

15. Experience and emotions matter more than money. Having money in the bank is nice, but when you look back it’s the emotions and memories you have from life experiences that will give you fulfillment. These are what matters.

14. Start saving money now. Despite what I wrote above, money does matter. But not for the purpose of buying fancy things. Rather, stick to the habit of regularly saving a set percentage of your income. Trust me – start it now and you’ll be thanking me in years to come.

13. Luck comes to those who work hard. You’ll be lucky in life. But your chances of being lucky will be correlated with your persistence. Work hard. The luck will come.

12. The world is full of injustice. There’s a random component to your life and what happens around you. Embrace it. Make sure you’re prepared for the worst. It can happen.

11. Every person you cross paths with matters. Don’t take people for granted. Respect people’s lives and where they’re at.

10. It’s never the right moment to get started. It you want to do something, get started now. Take a small step forward. That’s all you need to do. But don’t wait. Take the step now.

9. Move on from broken relationships. If your relationship can’t be fixed, move on. But do it with respect and communication. Let them go and move ahead with life.

8. Your weaknesses don’t matter. We all have weaknesses. Embrace whatever yours is. Admit it to yourself. Find a way to manage it. It may hold the door to whatever your strengths are.

7. All the opportunities for growth are beyond your comfort zone. Life can get comfortable. Then you get stuck in routines. You need to keep on challenging yourself. It’s lonely outside your comfort zone. But that’s where the opportunities are.

6. Your education does not end after high school or university. Life is all about learning, right to your last breath. Embrace the acquisition of knowledge and experience.

5. Everything worth doing takes time. Reaching your goals sounds nice, but it takes longer than expected. Embrace the journey and incremental progress you make. It’s going to take longer than you first imagined.

4. Your family members are the most important people in your life. It’s easy to take your family members for granted. But as you get older, you’ll gain a new appreciation for what they’ve been through to give you the life you now have. Treat them well and appreciate them for who they are – their strengths as well as their weaknesses.

3. Your online friends aren’t your real friends. It’s a bitter pill to swallow. But it’s true. Your real friends are the ones who are there in person when you really need them.

2. Falling in love is the sweetest of emotions, and also the most painful.There’s not much you can do about this one. You need to embrace the pain. It hurts. But journeying through the pain will take you closer to this sweetest of life experiences.

1. Your life has already begun. There are no dress rehearsals to life. This is it. You’re already living it. Take responsibility for it. Every moment has meaning and opportunities in it. Life is happening all around you.
What do you think of these life lessons? Can you add any more? Let me know in the comments below.


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