“Products of Choices”


Life derives from the choice we make.

Whether good or bad, they impact

our lives tremendously. Life is

beautiful, it is amazing continue to

live life to the fullest with pleasure;

with moderation, sense, balance and


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“Carpe Diem”

To embrace every moment with

enlightenment, is a passion that we

all can feed of in our daily lives.

Seeking instant gratification will not

always fill our void or longings.

Enjoy the moments that come by

don’t let life pass you by.

“Capture the moments of Life”🌍🌐🗺

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“Eclipses Of The Horizon”

Illuminate shadows of light, in the

midst of the darkest hour. The

mystery of the darkest hour is that it

is just before dawn. The horizon rises

and it clashes through the barriers of

darkness, causing the light to

illuminates so bright and ecstatically. 💡

In the midst of your darkest hour, let

the light of beauty unveil. Colorful

days can be attained, even though the

shadows of darkness linger around.

The sun shines, even when the clouds

are so surreal, the clouds can cover

the sun, but it continues to shine light.

Let the light shine down in you, so

that it can illuminate your

atmosphere: keep shining/ glowing.

Success is a door you have the keys to

open that door despite the elements

that surround you. Acquire tenacity


“Improve the World”🌍🗺

Be good inside and your goodness

will bubble like a fountain outwardly.

The circle of good flows around the

globe. There are assets of ingenuity

and creativity within you, unveil your

talents for the world to see and enjoy.

Don’t be limited, remove the fear and

take the risk and the reward will

present itself right on your lap. Take a

leap of faith. Trust and Believe

-Amos Mukendi


FEAR– Face Everything and Rise

FEAR– Forget Everything and Run

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“The Pursuit Happiness”

Happiness a treasure that is sought throughout the entire world. It edifies and solidifies human connection. Being happy is something so hard to come by, we all seek happiness and peace.

There is a lingering truth that stands beyond this concept called happiness. Happiness can be sought in many different forms. Some look for the secret ingredient in a pill, in food, in materials, in people, in love, in smoking, in drinking, gambling, in relationships, in society, that’s all fine and dandy but the search for happiness can end when you can realize where you can find this secret potion.

There is a popular song called “Love and Happiness” by Al Green it radiates sometimes in public settings. The song is relatable to a sole setting, but it describes a little of the pursuit for love and happiness. Let’s get to the moral, point and purpose of the pursuit of happiness dialog.

The deepest desire of humanity is connection. Adventures with connection and association makes you feel involved in a cause. However, there is a catch here: we are always trying to get validation, approval, acceptance, and love from someone else. That will never solve your problem of loss connectivity.

In pursuit of happiness you must, posses joy/happiness within first, then you can be secure. When we are hungry for instant feelings we lack to grab what we do not need. The code that unlocks this mystery of happiness lies within your mind and soul. You must allow the universe and it’s creator to be one with you, that is the answer to what you seek.

The only way you get what you want is when you possess it first, then you cast it out on the water, then it comes back to you. When we enter into any relationships whether it be work, church, love, communities, society, friendship we will not find these things unless you have them yourself.

When an interaction occurs there should already be elements of happiness. Once happiness is there, all you need to do and are going to do is to join hands with whatever setting and relationship you choose. You will now be accepting the position to join in collaboration on a journey through challenges of life, while you all embark upon the pursuit of a future.

Finally when you join hands in any journey of life whether it be love, a job, your friend, your associates, family etc.. You are now choosing to join in connection for a dual vision by helping each other, but not by seeking approval, joy or happiness with the person next to you.

-Amos Mukendi

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“Keep watering the seed”

There is a seed embedded within the heart, this seed waits for an awakening. The moment of awakening will cultivate reactions that expand beyond the element of themind. This seed is quite visible and it can electrify changes, that motion towards a high plateau.

To find the seed of production you must look within the box. That box is your heart. Everything lies within you whether you choose to see it or not, you hold the keysto drive to excellence.

You are filled with vast treasures that can produce fruit. Adopt the character of ingenuity. Water is the essential element that causes the branches of success vine to produce. The branches scatter with elegance to a fulfilled aroma.

There are preliminary steps to success, and these steps cannot work without action from the root of the seed, and you are the root to make the seeds grow to fruition. In order to see fruits of success in all aspects of life, there must be showers of results. Results come with a tool called work. Work produces success. The seed can be replenished and strong roots can be engraved like rocks of construction.

Generalizations and limitations should not affect this strong root. The more you cultivate the seeds, the more the root of the seed forces it way downward. The downward movement of the seed can seem so contrary to the human mind, don’t disregard or falter at this. The seed has to good deep to take solid root. A solid root keeps the building of success standing.

Stand still and embrace the grind, have the grit to continue towards the open door of success despite all the odds, numbers, or cards stacked against you. There is a decision to be made, the tools are laid out, you are at the crossroad, the stage is set, what do you do? There are many avenues to water this seed but you follow the process of cultivation and harvest. Being a part of the solution is a must not being a part of the problem.

In order for the doors of success to work, life must go on despite the mountains of situations that will arise. If you must fight, work, strive, do it with a relentless tenacity, go ahead and don’t turn your head back, look into the future, forget the lens you ever wore in the past.

Refocus and adjust new lens that operate with the retina of new sight. The little seed you create will sprout, with colors that embellish radiance of light spectrums.

Keep watering this little seed it shall grow to be a strong tree that stands tall. Once your seed has come to full fruition it will be very hard to ravish any particles of your success.

Therefore, be my good guest to make this stand that you will make a wonderful tree in life and see the fruits of your seed, come to life.

“Cultivate your seed of greatness, success, and see your fruits” -Amos Mukendi

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