” New Year’s Resolutions “




Commit and Apply in 2019.

Have a transformation not just a resolution. Many people boast and make so many resolutions year after year, but they lack the power of transformation to apply their commitment.

Resolution and goals are things you continually renew and make alive over and over again. You can even shift from stale dreams to something new. You hold the keys to your destiny in your hands. The keys can either lock or bind your potentials. Bring your gifts to life, stop burying and killing your gifts by withholding what you have in your heart. The world needs your gift. Share it with others and see the success it brings.

There is a difference between resolutions, reformation, and transformation.

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Author: amosdialogue

I'm an individual who loves life and all that it entails. I have an associate's degree in Industrial Systems Technology, and Electrical Control Systems. Photography, sports, music, guitars, writing, artwork, swimming, small engines, journals, biking, workouts, reading, Church groups, volunteering, I can say I indulge in all things. I don't just associate myself with vast activities, but I am good and do my best at everything that I learn or tackle in life. I am currently writing a book. I do have a great career in the one of the military armed forces as an electricians mate. I'm working on another degree for my self development. I worked as a professional small engine and power equipment specialist for 10yrs before joining the armed forces. I am currently writing a book and I hope to share the proceeds of this book to those who are less fortunate in life. My goal is to give back to those unfortunate people in life and the world. Giving back and doing something for others makes life fulfilling because you are investing in the good and improvement of mankind, and human beings.

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