“The Pursuit Happiness”

Happiness a treasure that is sought throughout the entire world. It edifies and solidifies human connection. Being happy is something so hard to come by, we all seek happiness and peace.

There is a lingering truth that stands beyond this concept called happiness. Happiness can be sought in many different forms. Some look for the secret ingredient in a pill, in food, in materials, in people, in love, in smoking, in drinking, gambling, in relationships, in society, that’s all fine and dandy but the search for happiness can end when you can realize where you can find this secret potion.

There is a popular song called “Love and Happiness” by Al Green it radiates sometimes in public settings. The song is relatable to a sole setting, but it describes a little of the pursuit for love and happiness. Let’s get to the moral, point and purpose of the pursuit of happiness dialog.

The deepest desire of humanity is connection. Adventures with connection and association makes you feel involved in a cause. However, there is a catch here: we are always trying to get validation, approval, acceptance, and love from someone else. That will never solve your problem of loss connectivity.

In pursuit of happiness you must, posses joy/happiness within first, then you can be secure. When we are hungry for instant feelings we lack to grab what we do not need. The code that unlocks this mystery of happiness lies within your mind and soul. You must allow the universe and it’s creator to be one with you, that is the answer to what you seek.

The only way you get what you want is when you possess it first, then you cast it out on the water, then it comes back to you. When we enter into any relationships whether it be work, church, love, communities, society, friendship we will not find these things unless you have them yourself.

When an interaction occurs there should already be elements of happiness. Once happiness is there, all you need to do and are going to do is to join hands with whatever setting and relationship you choose. You will now be accepting the position to join in collaboration on a journey through challenges of life, while you all embark upon the pursuit of a future.

Finally when you join hands in any journey of life whether it be love, a job, your friend, your associates, family etc.. You are now choosing to join in connection for a dual vision by helping each other, but not by seeking approval, joy or happiness with the person next to you.

-Amos Mukendi

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Author: amosdialogue

I'm an individual who loves life and all that it entails. I have an associate's degree in Industrial Systems Technology, and Electrical Control Systems. Photography, sports, music, guitars, writing, artwork, swimming, small engines, journals, biking, workouts, reading, Church groups, volunteering, I can say I indulge in all things. I don't just associate myself with vast activities, but I am good and do my best at everything that I learn or tackle in life. I am currently writing a book. I do have a great career in the one of the military armed forces as an electricians mate. I'm working on another degree for my self development. I worked as a professional small engine and power equipment specialist for 10yrs before joining the armed forces. I am currently writing a book and I hope to share the proceeds of this book to those who are less fortunate in life. My goal is to give back to those unfortunate people in life and the world. Giving back and doing something for others makes life fulfilling because you are investing in the good and improvement of mankind, and human beings.

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