“Chapters of Life”

Life the beauty of the mystery it captivates the mind

Every aspect of our life speaks volumes to the mystery

Life transitions through chapters which are tagged with multiple layers,

Chapters that surround our life are sometimes surrounded by

multiple layers called; new, blank, bleak, bland, old, unwritten, untold,

unexpected, dramatic, unrealistic, unfair, sad, good, cold, warm, a lot of details are

associated with the various chapters of life. Life sometimes falls down like a storm

without no end in sight. The outlooks we have will the outcome we get. Every

wreckage of your life speaks of the mystery being unveiled. Learn to adjust and adapt to

the mystery and wait for the picture of beauty to be released.


Forging a new path is an uphill battle, learning to see the good in life can be obscured with life’s battles. Life is a maze and puzzle there are routes and paths to this journey. Everyone has their absolute in life, many people have: a drive, ambition, their belief, money, richness, wealth, health, resilience, faith, morals, values, priorities, all these attributes are great, but people still lack happiness. Where do you find full peace, love, joy, strength, and happiness? You find the light at thee end of the tunnel when you find something priceless to live for. Investment in human beings is something worth living for, it makes life fulfilling. Living life with others creates connection, we all long and strive for human connection.


Despite all life’s mysteries we control the way live moves, we hold the key to a successful life, the mind has untapped resources, don’t leave treasures dormant, unveil the possibilities by exposing light spectrums of results. Life is beautiful and precious, it is hard, sometimes unfair, but tremendous. You can’t satisfy everybody, you can even place some people in a golden gasket they will still be complaining. Live life with a colorful character, because “one thing you learn quick as taking your first breath, is that nothing is ever what it seems, the flash, the glitz, the stars only shine for those who choose not to see beyond them. There are two sidekicks to every story in life. Accept challenges and preserve, if something doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. Live life with excellence


“Remember you’ll never a U-Haul pull behind a hearse”

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Author: amosdialogue

I'm an individual who loves life and all that it entails. I have an associate's degree in Industrial Systems Technology, and Electrical Control Systems. Photography, sports, music, guitars, writing, artwork, swimming, small engines, journals, biking, workouts, reading, Church groups, volunteering, I can say I indulge in all things. I don't just associate myself with vast activities, but I am good and do my best at everything that I learn or tackle in life. I am currently writing a book. I do have a great career in the one of the military armed forces as an electricians mate. I'm working on another degree for my self development. I worked as a professional small engine and power equipment specialist for 10yrs before joining the armed forces. I am currently writing a book and I hope to share the proceeds of this book to those who are less fortunate in life. My goal is to give back to those unfortunate people in life and the world. Giving back and doing something for others makes life fulfilling because you are investing in the good and improvement of mankind, and human beings.

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